Sunday, April 12, 2009

Studio Mascot # 2 Misbehaves. Shocking.

For those of you who don't know, a while back I acquired Bad Cat on a camping trip. Some redneck chap decided that a campground was a really great place to unload the litter of kittens his barn cat had birthed a few weeks prior. Kittens that were not old enough to be away from thier mama.

Of course my daughter found the kittens, brought me a black ball of fuzz and commenced to beg. He was so small he fit in her hand and so pitiful I couldn't dream of returning him to Jimmy Crack Corn.

Officially kitty was named Sebastian. He was sweet and snuggly and had the tiniest meow ever. Here's a picture of him a couple weeks after he came home.

Here's a picture of Gram Pam petting the little cutie

He was so small he was restricted to the bathroom for his own safety when he wasn't being held. Mr. Wobbles played Daddy several times a day and spent the night with Sebastian so he wouldn't get scared. All was well for a time.

Then kitty got big. Then he got bigger. Now he's almost as big as Mr. Wobbles. This annoyed Mr. Wobbles so the dog was recruited to take over parental duties. Sebastian LOVES the dog. Sebastian THINKS he's a dog. They nap together, they play in the yard together and they wrestle under my feet as often as possible.

Here's the problem with a cat raised by a dog. They're a little fiestier than a regular cat, add to that the fact that he's a hair away from feral since he comes from a long line of barn cats. Enter BAD CAT. He's not bad in a pee on the carpet kind of way, but he's constantly in to everything. His hunter instincts are top notch (proven regularly by a grip of dead critters dragged through the doggie door) and he thinks feet are prey. I have the gouges to prove it.

Yesterday I needed to photograph some stuff for my Etsy site (shameless plug: so I set up my light box and gathered my goodies. I should probably mention that Bad Cat already attacked my light box once and installed a drive-thru window on one side and a kitty door on the other so I have some improvising going on until I get it fixed up.

Let me show you how he continues to earn his name...


He looks so innocent, doesn't he?


Turned my back for two seconds....

"Oh hai. U needed sum remodleng on dis side. Kthxbai"

"Dis side need bettr view. I xpand for u."

"Much gooder. I lax now after hard werk. Kthxbai."

I finally manage to shoo him out without totally destroying the light box, get back to work re-shooting some jewelry and then....

"Oh hai. What r u dewing? Lemme get closer look."

"That's boring. I leave now. Kthxbai. Oh first I make dis hole jus a little biggr."

Case closed!


I am Harriet said...

That's so cute!
Stopping by from SITS to say hello!

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Hilarious! (Well, nor for you probably!) We are STILL "babysitting" our son's ex-girlfriend's kitty ~ it's been almost 4 yrs - ha! She's a piece of work, but guess she has become family!

Chris said...

I have been bugging my husband for sooo long for a kitten, and these pictures did NOT help! She is a just a cutie!

Emily said...

aww what a cutie - he was just mugging for the camera

Jess said...

Oh my cuteness! What an adorable little punkin. :)

Colin said...

that is very funny!

Drama queens mum said...

So cute.