Thursday, April 30, 2009

Judy is a BAD ASS.


My surrogate mamma, Judy, is on round with two cancer. She's my favorite fiesty old bird.

Judy's journey in the last week:

12 hours of surgery to remove her vocal chords, part of her esophagus and a bunch of reconstructive stuff to make a new esophagus using skin from her leg and arm. Followed by several days of heavy sedation. She's the toughest broad I know.

I got to visit her for the first time today. She's writing notes and asked me to arrange a sponge bath with her dreamy Russian doctor, so I'm confident she's doing as well as she can. They have her on the good dope - that never hurts :-)

During our visit I crocheted her a colorful cozy for her big 'ol ugly bandage so she'd have some cheerful color in the drab beige room and a little love from me close by. We also decided since she has a row of staples (very hardcore) that when she's better we should get her a bitchin' tattoo. Maybe a skull and crossbones? She's promised me a round of dirty word Scrabble on our next visit. I'm pretty excited about that.

Before I left, at her request, I took pics of her staples. She was bummed she didn't have pics from the first surgery a few years back. Judy is a BAD ASS.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers - there's much more on her agenda over the coming months.


Paula said...

Sweet and fiesty Judy is in my thoughts and prayers. It's super cool that you gave her a little crocheted band of joy. :) I'm sure that you brightened her day!

Jen said...

Will keep Judy in my thoughts.
Thanks for stopping by my site on my SITS day. Please do stop back

WhisperingWriter said...

She is definately in my thoughts.

Drama queens mum said...

I hope she's doing well.