Sunday, August 28, 2011

Field Trip with Jane

Today was a totally fabulous and fantastic day. For the first time in a very long time, I dusted off my camera and met up with my pal Jane to take some pictures. Jane is an amazing photographer and it was really fun to see her work. She's not even a little bit afraid to get dirty. I heart her. Oh and note how comfortably she goes all bendy - that's years of yoga, people. It's impressive stuff.

We met in Soulard and headed over near the brewery to take some photos. One of my favorite things about being a shutter bug is that a camera provides a reason to connect with people I wouldn't otherwise. Within five minutes of popping off our lens caps, we had made a new friend. Meet Rockabilly Johnny. He drives this totally bitchin' vintage car, plays the stand up bass, and restores old cars for fun. He was kind enough to move his car to a more desirable location, model, and give us a tour of his shop. Viva la Johnny!

Johnny and his babies.
Baby got back.
After a quick tour of the shop, Jane and I meandered around the corner and met Larry, who was walking his three adorable pooches -- Dingo, Lulu, and their big beautiful black lab buddy. We made fast friends with this talented artist and he agreed to let us see his totally awesome studio. A short creepy elevator ride later (sorry Jane!) and we were 4 floors up. Larry has some kick ass stuff in his crib, including a mini circus tent!

Tiny Circus

Fantastic GIANT painting

Beautiful stairs that nearly caused a panic attack. SOOO STEEP!

What a fantastic photo adventure! We made two new friends and got some great shots.  Hanging with Jane is so much fun. I can't wait to go play with her again. :)