Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spectacular September

This is my favorite time of year for so many reasons. I love hot weather. But even I grow weary of sweating and roasting in my own juices like a rotisserie chicken. It's always exciting when the temperature mercifully drops and things like apple picking and fall festivals are on the calendar. We turned off the a/c and flung the windows open and have been enjoying the breeze around here. Last weekend I took my daughter and her best friend to the cutest darn orchard I've ever seen, Mills Apple Orchard in Marine, Illinois. 

We picked 18 lbs of scrumptious apples, half of which are now jarred up and living their newest life as spoon-licking-good applesauce. The recipe actually said apple butter, but since I'm eating it straight out of the jar, we're going to go with sauce. What really is the difference anyway? 

The next couple weekends are going to be super duper busy. Saturday and Sunday I'll be vending at the Green Tree Festival in Kirkwood. This show has oodles and oodles of fun stuff for the whole family. It will be my first year there and I'm pretty darned excited. The following weekend, I'll be at the Strange Folk festival in O'Fallon, IL. This indie-style festival is tons of fun and has all sorts of things to do in addition to crafts, snacks, and live music. Check out the website for the full list of goodies. I hope to see you there!