Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Spring! It's Spring!

Grab your picnic blanket and cop a squat in the grass - it's spring!

(all images are copyrighted by South City Studio/Holly Schroeder, please ask before you swipe!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Soulard Market Park Arts & Crafts Fair

I'm super duper excited about this new series of shows that will be held in the Soulard Market Park right next to the historic Soulard Farmer's Market. The show is sponsored by the Soulard Business Association, The St. Louis Craft Mafia and Paste. (If you're interested in participating, there's still time to apply, just visit the Paste website for the application information.) This is going to be a great show with tons of indie artists and crafters, live music and tasty treats.

I'll be there all three dates:
May 15
June 19
July 17

Stay tuned for more info...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Supporting Handmade!

It's always such an honor to make it on someone's blog. Thanks so much Paige for helping promote our upcoming show this weekend, Indie Craft Revolution, and for supporting me (see my St. Louis necklace - wee!) and my crafty peeps. Muahhh!

Paige is a fiber artist that makes super duper cute stuff and her prices are oh so reasonable. Go check out her Etsy shop! I'm currently coveting the purple spring wildflowers scarf. Don't forget to give her some love on her blog too!

I hope to see all you crafty lovers this weekend. I'm so excited about this show I could burst. I'm taking the day off from my regular gig as Administrator Extraordinaire to do some last minute tagging and get ready for the big show.

I'll be on the second floor sharing a gallery with some of my favorite Mafia pals:

April "The Tater" Tate - Miss Lemon, sweeter than pie, visionary and head cheese in charge of the Craft Mafia. Crafter of fabulous upcycled goods.

Karen Miller - C. Bunny Binx, keeper of wit and sculptor of fantastic pint-sized critters in ceramic and paper clay.

Allison Rabbit - Squaresville, master of sarcasm, sewist supreme, digger of dirt, grower of pretty things and teacher of tweens.

Courtney Chesley - Twisted, wire twisting fireball, blogger, giggle box and mama to a Clifford-sized pooch.

Laurene Franco - Superchick Studios, bean counter, super chick and plushie mastermind.

Cara McKinlay - Mermaid Garden Party, bundle of joy, graphic artist and maker of chic geek paper goods.

This is a show not to be missed...hope to see you there!