Thursday, August 27, 2009

Needles for Newborns: Gettin' Crafty for the Babes

I should have hung up my gone fishing sign a couple weeks ago - it's been extra busy 'round the studio lately. At the moment I'm knee-deep in planning for the October 24, Needles for Newborns: Crafting with Purpose event at Paste. I'm really excited about it, we'll have 24 hours straight of needle crafts. Each participant will sign up for a chunk of time dedicated to craftin' up something nice for the babies at Children's Hospital. We've got lots of tasty goodies for the crafters from Ferraro's Pizza, Soulard Coffee Garden, Nadine's and more. There will be socializing galore admist the clickity-clack of needles and colorful yarn balls. This event promises to be a great way to connect with other local crafters, hang with old friends and craft with purpose. Call or email Katie at Paste to sign up for a slot or make a donation 577-6930,