Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Go! Go! Go!

I feel like I'm always saying that things around here are busy, but lately, it's been insane. My day job has been keeping me late on the regular and my weekend/evening crafty gig seems to be a flutter with activity in the few gaps between. Don't mistake me, I'm not complaining, I'm grateful for all the new opportunities that the universe has offered up! I am truly blessed to work with so many interesting and wonderful people; it makes hard work a lot more fun!

Last weekend was Indie Underground with my Craft Mafia ladies at the Lumiere Hotel. Although sales weren't what I'd hoped, the people watching was FANTASTIC. I've never seen so many cougars and wacky shoes in one location in my life. The amount of posing and admiring of self that was going on was gut-bustingingly hilarious. About half way through me and one of my crafty girls in crime started keeping a list of famous nearly-look-alikes - there was Phyllis Diller with her cowgirl boots and giant pink feather boa, Posh Spice in her ass-bearing short shorts, Erkel in giant black rimmed glasses and hitched up pants and oh so many more. There were fabulously dressed and sophisticated too, but they weren't nearly as fun to gawk at.

This week has already started off with a bang. Last night I taught a class on polymer clay at Paste, which was super-duper fun. Tonight was my glass class at Third Degree Glass Factory and I got to play with fire! We made beads with polka dots, square ones, round ones and flat ones. I can’t wait to snap some pics to show y’all. Tomorrow is the Wine Tasting…Craft Making event at Paste where I’ll be teaching some lovely ladies how to paint and wire wrap wine glasses while they sample vino. This weekend is the big event I’ve been chattering about forever, Needles for Newborns …Crafting with Purpose. A bunch of knitty chics will be gathering to whip up some goodies for the preemie babies at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. On Sunday I plan to practice lying down horizontally on my couch. All day. Possibly changing channels once in a while.If I don’t bump in to you in my travels in the next few days, here’s to you and hoping you have a great week! Stay crafty!!

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