Friday, June 19, 2009

Craftyness & Veggies Unite

Tomorrow is my first day at the Farmer's Market and I'm super excited. I'll be there with my Show Me Etsy pals - Stick to Your Knittin' Kitten, Ginger & Tutu and Aleece's Attic!

Last night I burned the midnight oil making glass tile necklaces for the market. I will have aprons, totes, photos, jewelry, kitchen kitsch and some vintage knitting stuff for you yarny types. Lots of new stuff!

It's going to be a scorcher, so be sure to slather on the sunscreen and bring lots of water. My hair is certain to be a deflated mess, don't hold it against me too much, mmkay?

This is also your chance to play my favorite weekly market trip/summertime game - find an unidentified veggie and try it! As a nearly exclusive eater of corn and green beans until my twenties I'm still learning about nature's bounty. I love how helpful the farmer's are at the market, they never laugh at my "what is this" barrage of questions and they're always glad to pass along handy cooking tips. If you try something new or are eager to share veggie knowledge, stop by and tell me all about it!

Later taters!

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