Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Stitching and OMG, Heyyyy from the Ranch

Cold weather makes me want to stay in my flannel jammies all day and knit, which is exactly what I've been doing, too -- every chance I get. Right now, I've got quite a few projects in the works:

I just started a crocheted baby blanket for my friend's new baby. This project gave me an excuse to learn the bobble stitch. Thanks, Blackwood Cottage for the easy-to-read instructions and cute pattern.

This afternoon I finished this cute little knitted hat with a crocheted embellishment for the same friend.

The boy is getting this waffle stitch scarf in his favorite color. It's made with Cascade 220 wool yarn and should keep him nice and toasty.

The girl is getting this lavender scarf in yummy alpaca yarn. SUPER soft and cozy. If you have wool allergies, I highly recommend alpaca, it's just as warm as wool, but it's hypoallergenic and won't make you all itchy scratchy.

Lastly, for myself, I just started to knit a hat in this scrumptious grey heathered alpaca. Being the big-headed gal that I am, hats are always hard to find that don't make me feel like my skull is being smashed, so a custom hat is my saving grace. Thank goodness for my pal, Janelle, who helped me get going with circular needles.

What sort of projects do you have in the works? Do you have a favorite yarn? I get all my yarn at Paste in Soulard. Paste has a really nice selection of good quality yarn at reasonable prices. It's my favorite supply shop and I teach classes there. :) If you're in the neighborhood or looking for an excuse for a field trip, scoot over to Paste, pet the alpaca yarn and ooh and ahhh over all the nifty handmade goodies in the shop! 

Just in case you haven't seen a picture of a cute animal today, let me help you out. These pretty mini-horses were resting at the ranch when I did my ranch girl volunteer gig this weekend. Don't they have fun hair? I bet when no one is around, they chatter in valley girl voices and do lots of hair flips. 
Like OMG, heyyyyy from the ranch!

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Machelle Blankenship said...

Yay! Thanks for the shout-out sister. I love the popcorn stitch. Great projects and your right, perfect weather to make some stuff!
Stay warm!