Monday, July 19, 2010

Blog Addict

I'm a blog addict. I heart blogs. A zillion of them. Thank God and all that is holy that each one isn't updated daily or I'd never sleep. Wanna see what I read? Here's the GIANT list of arts and crafts blogs that feed my brain.

Did I miss a good one? Please, if I did, turn me on. Mamma needs a fix.

My absolute favorite? So glad you asked. Dottie Angel. That girl melts my heart. Her pictures are so yummy I could eat them. I love the way she mixes new and old, colorful and subdued, and it always looks crisp, tidy and fabulous. I'm also smitten with her pup who is often nearby in photos.

2nd runner up? Really, it's probably a tie. Color Me Katie. This girl radiates nothing but positive energy. Her photography is amazing and pure inspiration. This is a lady who loves life and isn't afraid to show it. She also has the 2nd cutest cat, Moo. Mr. Wobbles is still first. Duh.


Todd Jordan said...

What a great list and yet I didn't find mine in there. Does a guy have to blog about you? Ha.

Honestly it's great to see a blogger who reads blogs. I think all the best spend some amount of time doing that.

We are what we read.

Holly said...

Gosh no! The crafty blog list is decidedly girly. There is another long list of blogs, websites and news outlets that I comb to satisfy the hunger in the other parts of my brain! :) I just figured one list of 200+ is plenty for this post ;)