Friday, June 25, 2010

Summertime in the Studio

Hi kids! It's been busy at the studio these days. Last week was the Soulard Market Park Arts & Crafts fair as well as my television debut on Fox. Autographs anyone? :)

I was actually petrified. The task was to go promote the show on behalf of Paste and I was elected from the 3 organizers because I was the least likely to throw up on t.v. Katie got a funny color just talking about it, then Bobbi cheated and had a motorcycle accident (she's ok!) and got banged up pretty good. So, there ya go. That's my secret for how to get on t.v.!

The peeps at Fox were super nice. A cutie-patootie intern was assigned to keep me company when I arrived and helped me get set up. I was really glad to have someone to chat with and stuff to arrange so I could forget that I was about to be on live t.v. My primary goals included: say something about the fair, don't pass out, and don't cuss. I had a brief moment a few seconds before we went on air that I felt a little shaky and woozy, but I managed to stay upright the whole time. I just got to see the segment for the first time yesterday and overall I was pleased, but standing next to Teresa Woodard, the world's tiniest newscaster ever, made me look a bit like a tubby amazon. She's pocket-sized and positively adorable. Her side-kick Andy Banker was very nice and quite the goofball. They did a great job making me feel comfortable when I wanted to run for the hills! Thanks Fox 2 for a great opportunity to promote the fair, it was a total success!

This weekend I'll be at Tower Grove Farmer's Market from 8:30 - 12:30 with my trusty sidekicks, Bobbi of DownZipper and Rachel of Sew Good & Trendy. Hope to see you there!


KlevaBich said...

Holy cats, Hollycakes on TV? WOW! And to think, I knew you before you were famous.

Holly said...

Oh yes Nancy, I'm quite the local celeb now. Feel free to drop my name in conversation and impress your friends. ;)