Friday, February 26, 2010

Join the Revolution! Indie Craft Revolution

Three cheers for the indie craft scene! Just say no to geese in clothes, crocheted doll head toilet paper cozies and plastic flower arrangements. Join the Revolution and support crafts with some attitude!

The next big show is only a couple weeks away and I'm totally flippin' excited. Right about now is when I start to panic and craft around-the-clock. So, if you see me on the street and my hands are covered in glue, there are stray threads clinging to my shirt and splatters of paint in my hair - you'll know why.

Indie Craft Revolution will be held on Saturday and Sunday, March 13 & 14 at the St. Louis Artists' Guild in Clayton. Located in Oak Knoll park near the corner of Big Bend & Clayton, it's central to darn near everything. If you make it, please come by my booth and say hi! I'll have a special treat for anyone who mentions my blog :)

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