Monday, December 7, 2009

High on Crafts

I am high on crafts and positively worn out. What a great weekend with some of my favorite people on the planet. Crafty kids, y'all rock my socks off! Artropy was such a blast and I got to see some of my favorite customers and catch up with my Show Me Etsy girls. Renee and I even squeezed in a little dancin'. Sunday I did my shift at Big Ass and had a freaking fantastic time. Thanks a heap to the Big Ass crew for all your hard work and to The Mafia Family for being my favorite relatives and 100% hysterical.

I'll be taking a smidge of break and catching up on some family time with the kiddo (Senorita Cranky Pants) who is feeling oh-so-poopy from being sick. We both have been battling some sort of germie crud for the last week. I'm feeling a bit better, but my Boo isn't improving much. She's going to get some face time with the doc today and hopefully a big fat bottle of antibiotics.

I'm sure she's not too sick to put together a whopper Christmas list. I'll be hitting the dreaded mall soon. It seems that teenagers don't appreciate handmade the way I do. I'm hoping for a 100% handmade holiday and she's hoping for a 100% all designer label bash. We might have to split the difference.

So, I've been thinking...I do a lot of crafty projects and I'm pretty good with a camera, I could probably throw up a tutorial now and again. Any special requests?

I hope you are all having a FANTASTIC holiday season and get to squeeze some R&R in soon if you haven't already. Big giant bear hugs to you all!

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Tim and Faith said...

banner buting or something along those lines :)
loved your red Christmas tree flags on a ribbon :)